All Labor & Delivery Rooms include a Hydrotherapy tub for mothers-to-be (who meet safety guidelines) as a pain relief alternative to epidural treatment. Immersion in warm water can promote relaxation and decrease pain in the early stages of labor. The water provides a soothing stimulation of nerves in the skin, promoting increased blood flow and reducing pain causing signals. Hydrotherapy can also increase uterine blood flow, decrease maternal blood pressure and shorten labor.

Nitrous Oxide Pain Management

We additionally offer a nitrous oxide pain management program as an alternative to an epidural and IV pain medications. Expectant mothers like using Nitronox because it does not require IV access and is self-administered, empowering them to safely and effectively help manage the discomfort of labor and post-birth procedures while remaining alert and conscious. Plus, it can be quickly eliminated from the body so it does not affect the baby’s central nervous system or breathing and has not been shown to alter or slow the labor process.



Mom365 brings beautiful newborn photography right to your hospital room. Free portrait sessions are provided, with the comfort of viewing portraits within minutes. Custom portrait packages are available and if you desire, we can we can post your baby’s pictures to the Mom365 WebNursery®.

Room Service 


Room service for visitors to the Maternity Unit. Any visiting guest of the new mom may order a meal from our room service menu for the low cost of $6.00, payable in cash to the room service attendant.

Spiritual Care

Our spiritual care department is available to provide spiritual support for the new mom and family at the mother’s request.

Questions from home

Once you’re home, new questions often arise. Nurses are available 24/7 to assist you with lactation or other questions. Call 618-234-2120, ext. 31260.

Other amenities include: Wi-Fi access and TVs in each room.