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What kind of Cancer Care Services can we help you find?


Radiation Therapy


Pink Warrior

Treatment Options


We provide radiation as well as chemotherapy treatment, and we can treat almost any type of cancer regardless of diagnosis or stage. In addition, we provide TomoTherapy Hi-Art radiation treatment which offers an unmatched level of accuracy and minimizes side effects typically associated with previous radiation therapy methods.

A Team of Experts


Meet your exceptional cancer care team, led by specialists from The Cancer Care Specialists of Central Illinois. Radiation oncologists, medical oncologists and hematologists work together with the Cancer Care Center's team of medical physicists, dosimetrists, nurses, radiation therapists and administrative colleagues work with you to develop and monitor a treatment plan to meet your needs.

Cancer Care

HSHS St. Mary's Hospital in Decatur provides cutting-edge cancer treatment options and provides excellent care before, during and after cancer diagnosis and treatment. 



  Pink Warrior

  Radiation Therapy

  Real Men Wear Pink

  Support Services for Cancer Care


Our team will support you every step of the way should you need additional imaging, treatment or surgery.

Latest News

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 October 8, 2020

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