Dietary Consultation


While undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatment, your body might need additional nutritional support to help the healing process. In addition, dietary changes can often help you feel better during the treatment process by increasing your energy. That is why St. Mary’s offers consultations with registered dieticians at the Cancer Care Center for all interested patients. Please talk to one of our staff to set up an appointment.

Support Groups


Search for support groups in the Decatur, Macon County, Illinois area through the American Cancer Society's support program resource search.

Spiritual Care


We want to care for you, body and soul, during your treatment. Our professionally-trained chaplains are available 24 hours per day to offer spiritual and emotional support to you and your family. Chaplains interact with religious leaders of all faiths to provide you seamless support, especially during times of uncertainty. They provide opportunities for prayer, sacraments and spiritual rituals you and/or your family may desire.

Chaplains are available to explain Advance Directives (Living Will, Power of Attorney for Healthcare) and to assist you should you want to complete these documents. There is no charge for this service.