As a Patient:

  • You will be given a tracer (radioactive material). It may be injected, swallowed, or inhaled.

  • Your scan may then be done right away, or you may need to wait a few hours or even days to allow the tracer to concentrate in the part of the body being studied.

  • Your scan may take a few hours. Bring something you can do if you need to wait.

  • You will lie on a narrow imaging table; a large camera is placed close to your body.

  • Remain as still as you can while the camera takes the pictures to ensure the best imaging.

  • After your scan, drink plenty of water to help clear the tracer from your body.

Exams Performed

  • PET/CT Scans

  • Heart Scans

  • Bone Scans

  • Bone Marrow Scans

  • Lung Scans

  • Renal Scans

  • Sentinel Node Detection

  • Thyroid Scans/Therapy

  • Hepatobiliary Scans

  • Gastric Emptying


  • ADAC Vertex Plus MCD Gamma Camera

  • ADAC Cardio Epic Camera

  • Philips – Gemini 16 PET/CT Scanner


  • Monday through Friday - 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

  • A technologist on call to provide services as needed after hours

  • After hours, images are transmitted via teleradiology systems for a preliminary interpretation from a radiologist.

  • Questions? Call us, 217-464-2157.