Clinical Trial Locations


HSHS St. Vincent Cancer Research Institute Clinical Trials are offered at the following locations:

HSHS St. Vincent Hospital Cancer Centers

HSHS St. Vincent Hospital Cancer Centers at HSHS St. Mary’s Hospital Medical Center

HSHS St. Vincent Hospital Cancer Centers at Door County Cancer Center

HSHS St. Vincent Hospital Cancer Centers at HSHS St. Clare Memorial Hospital

HSHS St. Nicholas Hospital


What is a clinical trial?

What are clinical trials?


Clinical trials are research studies that involve people. Through clinical trials, doctors find new ways to improve treatments and the quality of life for people with disease.

Researchers design cancer clinical trials to test new ways to:

•  Treat cancer

•  Find and diagnose cancer

•  Prevent cancer

•  Manage symptoms of cancer and side effects from its treatment


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Clinical trials are the final step in a long process that begins with research in a lab.


Before any new treatment is used with people in clinical trials, researchers work for many years to understand its effects on cancer cells in the lab and in animals. They also try to figure out the side effects it may cause.

Any time you or a loved one needs treatment for cancer, clinical trials are an option to think about. Trials are available for all stages of cancer. It is a myth that they are only for people who have advanced cancer that is not responding to treatment. To look for trials see our clinical trials database.

Every trial has a person in charge, usually a doctor, who is called the principal investigator.


The principal investigator prepares a plan for the trial, called a protocol. The protocol explains what will be done during the trial. It also contains information that helps the doctor decide if this treatment is right for you. The protocol includes information about:

  • The reason for doing the trial

  • Who can join the trial (called “eligibility criteria”)

  • How many people are needed for the trial

  • Any drugs or other treatments that will be given, how they will be given, the dose, and how often

  • What medical tests will be done and how often

  • What types of information will be collected about the people taking part

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