Ethics Committee


Making a difficult medical decision for yourself or a loved can be confusing, frightening or painful, especially if it is about your or a loved one’s end of life care. Having a good understanding among your family members and health care providers may lessen your fears that these kinds of decisions can cause.


Grief is never an easy topic to discuss, especially when there are children involved. The following tips and resources may help in explaining death and prepare children for the death of a loved one.

Hearing Impaired


A telecommunications device is available to help hearing impaired patients, or patients who want to communicate with a hearing impaired relative or friend. We can also arrange to have a person who uses sign language to help hearing impaired or deaf patients.


We can provide an interpreter for a number of foreign languages.  If you need an interpreter, please ask a nurse for help. 



Studies show that music and imagery can help reduce pain, decrese stress and anxiety, and help improve sleep. HSHS St. Vincent Children's Hospital offers a variety of music and imagery tapes and equipment. We also have continuous music channels on our televisions. Please ask your child's nurse about these services.

Notary Public 


A notary is available for patients free of charge. Your child's nurse can assist you in locating a notary on our hospital campus.

Spiritual Care


Caring for your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being is a primary concern of HSHS St. Vincent Children's Hospital. Rooted in the Catholic tradition, the hospital embraces a holistic ministry to all dimensions of the human person: body, mind and spirit.

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