Leadership and Medical Staff honored for service

December 14, 2022 

HSHS St. Anthony’s Memorial Hospital recently honored members of its hospital leadership groups and medical staff for their service to St. Anthony’s at an event at the Keller Convention Center.

This event is held annually to thank members of the Board of Directors, various hospital committees, and the hospital medical staff for their service. The board committee members that were honored at this event for completing their term of service were:

  • Dr. Kelly Haller was honored for her two terms on the Board of Directors.
  • Dr. Jennifer Dust was honored for her three terms on the Medical Executive Committee.

The hospital also honored members of the medical staff for their years of service to St. Anthony’s. St. Anthony’s annually recognizes all active members of the medical staff celebrating their fifth anniversary and subsequent anniversaries in five-year increments. 

Thirteen members of the medical staff were honored this year for their service anniversary in 2022.  The physicians honored this year were:

For 5 years of service:

  • Dr. Joseph Ajdinovich
  • Dr. David Downs
  • Dr. Frank Eaton
  • Dr. Nitin Kumar
  • Dr. Kevin Oliver

For 10 years of service:

  • Dr. Danny Beal
  • Dr. Eric Bloemer

For 15 years of service

  • Dr. Hanna Saba

For 20 years of service

  • Dr. Ryan Jennings

For 25 years of service

  • Dr. Dominic Imburgia
  • Dr. David Kowalski
  • Dr. Lisa Kowalski

For 45 years of service

  • Dr. P.D.L. Nayak

HSHS St. Anthony’s President and CEO Chad Markham shared, “I truly appreciate the leadership of our medical staff members serving on leadership roles like the board and medical executive committees. It is also a joy to celebrate and recognize our physicians’ commitment to their patients, our community and the Mission of St. Anthony’s.”

Photo Caption: HSHS St. Anthony’s President and CEO Chad Markham (left) and Medical Staff President Dr. John Sudkamp (right), congratulate Drs. David and Lisa Kowalski for their 25 years of service on the medical staff of St. Anthony’s.

Leadership and Medical Staff honored for service