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LUCOM medical students welcomed

December 21, 2022 

HSHS St. Anthony’s Memorial Hospital are hosting eight new third-year medical students from Liberty University College of Osteopathic Medicine (LUCOM) in Lynchburg, Virginia, to serve and learn alongside hospital colleagues and medical staff. 

This is the seventh year St. Anthony’s Memorial Hospital is partnering with LUCOM to provide clinical education for their osteopathic medical students. These eight students chose Effingham and St. Anthony’s Memorial Hospital as their clinical sites for this year. The goal is to train these future physicians to hopefully return to practice in this region.

St. Anthony’s and LUCOM share an aligned vision: providing excellent patient-centered care to an underserved population through the marriage of medical science and the love of Jesus Christ. The college has designed a world class, distinctively Christian, student-centered curriculum taught by dedicated professionals who demonstrate excellence both in knowledge and experience within their practice of medicine.  

As third-year medical students, they work alongside medical staff preceptors, physicians who have chosen to help provide direction and guidance.  The students will practice gathering information on patients such as history and physicals, doing consultations, and taking notes about a patient.  Their work will be evaluated by their preceptor.  Hospital physicians will still direct all orders and perform examinations and medical procedures with medical students observing.

HSHS St. Anthony’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Ryan Jennings shared, “We are excited to welcome our seventh class of third-year medical students from Liberty University College of Osteopathic Medicine. The reason we are successful in serving as a clinical site is because of the support of our colleagues, physician preceptors, and the warm and welcoming nature of our community. We are truly grateful to everyone for being so welcoming and embracing these students in their educational journey.”

LUCOM medical students welcomed