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Robotic-Assisted Joint Replacement

The revolutionary, minimally invasive procedure that utilized a robotic arm for precision and more accurate implant alignment

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Mako robotic-assisted device

Excellence in motion

The MAKO® Robotic-Arm Assisted System is used by surgeons at HSHS St. Anthony’s Memorial Hospital for partial knee resurfacing and total knee and hip replacements. With greater accuracy, minimal scarring, faster recovery and lasting results, you can quickly return to your active life.

How does the MAKO procedure work?

  • MAKOplasty® is an innovative, less invasive new treatment option for people with pain
  • MAKO enables surgeons to accurately target only the diseased portion of the knee or hip, without compromising the healthy bone and tissue surrounding it
  • MAKO facilitates ideal implant positioning to result in a more natural feeling joint.
  • Since all three compartments of the knee are replaced in total knee replacement, it is not always optimal for patients with early to mid-stage OA. For these patients MAKO may be the best solution
  • MAKOplasty customizes the procedure for your unique anatomy

What are the benefits of the MAKO procedure?

  • Minimally invasive
  • Ligament preserving
  • Bone and tissue sparing
  • Small incision
  • Shorter hospital stay
  • Leads to a more rapid recovery than traditional replacement surgery, with many patients going home the same day.
  • More natural feeling joint post-operatively