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Joy of Grandparenting Class

Helping grandparents be informed and involved

New grandma and grandpa holding infant baby girl New grandma and grandpa holding infant baby girl
St. John's Hospital Carol Jo Vecchie Women & Children's Center 415 N 9th St | Springfield
In the event of a cancellation, we request that you notify us as soon as possible.
Congratulations grandparents! This exciting class, The Joy of Grandparenting, will help grandparents be informed and involved. Integrating the most current guidelines, this class will provide new grandparents information about maternal and child health and safety recommendations. Having this knowledge allows grandparents to be loving and supportive mentors to the new parents.

Featuring evidence-based content, high-quality videos will help you stay engaged. This class covers content about infant feeding, crying & comforting techniques, safe swaddling, SIDS & safe sleep environment, health & safety tips, car seat tips, home safety and much more!

This is an in-person class, ONLY FOR THE GRANDPARENTS!! Two GRANDPARENTS may attend (only one grandparent needs to register). 
Event is at capacity. Registration is closed at this time.