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Serenity Rooms created for hospital colleagues

January 05, 2024 

HSHS St. John’s Hospital colleagues now have their own serenity rooms – calm, private spaces available only to them, where they can take a moment to breathe.

“Sometimes it’s good to be able to step away, take a deep breath, and collect yourself so you can be at your best for your next patient or fellow colleague,” said Jennifer Noble, DNP, RN, nurse manager of the CVCU. “Now our nurses and colleagues have a quiet space they can call their own.”

There are five colleague serenity rooms, so each region of the hospital is served: two in the main hospital, one in the children’s hospital, one in St. John’s Pavilion and one in the Prairie Heart Institute. The hospital already has established serenity rooms for patient visitors. 

The rooms boast massage chairs, bottled water refrigerators, fully stocked coffee bars, snack bins, hair care supplies such as ties and pins, faux plants, phone chargers and blue tooth speakers to play relaxing music, podcasts or audiobooks. 

“Each of the spaces are stocked, but are also a blank canvas,” continues Noble, a leader on the hospital’s nursing executive team that implemented the initiative. “We had them painted a calming blue, but there is still room for nurse leaders and colleagues to make the space their own. They can add relaxing artwork, area rugs, or any décor that helps them destress and feel comfortable.”

“I am so proud of our nursing executive team,” said Allison Paul, DNP, RN, NEA-BC, chief nursing office at St. John’s Hospital. “They have met a need of today’s nurse and displayed a true sense of listening and caring – instrumental attributes to leadership at St. John’s Hospital.”
Serenity Rooms created for hospital colleagues