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Top baby names at St. John's in 2022

January 06, 2023 

According to William Shakespeare (from “Othello”), “Good name in man and woman is the immediate jewel of their souls." Some names are family names, while others are uniquely chosen to stand out. Regardless, a name says something about us. 

Below are the combined top baby girl and baby boy names for deliveries at HSHS St. John’s Hospital and Springfield Memorial Hospital in 2022.


  1. Charlotte (17)
  2. Ava (14)
  3. Tied for #3:
    • Amelia (13)
    • Willow (13)
  4. Tied for #4:
    • Evelyn (10)
    • Olivia (10)
  5. Eleanor (8)


  1. Hudson (18)
  2. Theodore (17)
  3. Levi (14)
  4. Oliver (13)
  5. Maverick (10)

These names were part of the combined 3,359 babies delivered by both hospitals in 2022. 

The most popular baby names of 2021 were Amelia, which dropped to third place in 2022, and Noah, which fell to seventh place and was joined by the names Henry, Liam and Jackson, each name given to eight baby boys. 

New to the top baby names contenders in 2022 was the trending name Maverick.

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Top baby names at St. John's in 2022