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Amelia, Oliver Are Decatur’s Most Popular Baby Names for 2021

January 04, 2022 

Amelia and Oliver were the top baby names in Decatur for 2021 at Decatur Memorial Hospital and HSHS St. Mary’s Hospital.

Eight girls were named Amelia, although some parents chose variant spellings – Emelia and Emilia. Eight boys were named Oliver.

Layla was the second most popular name for a baby girl at both hospitals, with five newborns receiving the name. A four-way tie for third place followed that, with four girls each named Hazel, Lillian/Lilly, Olivia and Stella.

The top 10 rounded out with another four-way tie; this one was for seventh place with the names Eleanor, Emma, Nora and Parker bestowed to three baby girls each.

“We love meeting all of the moms who come to St. Mary’s for their child’s birth,” said Kathy Garriott, a registered nurse and manager of the Women and Infants Center at HSHS St. Mary’s Hospital. “This past year was again very different for moms and dads welcoming a new baby into their lives. We are glad we can be here to help them during this new world we are all navigating.”

Lincoln was the second most popular name for a boy in Decatur in 2021; six boys were named Lincoln. Wyatt and Dallas were both tied for the third most popular name for a boy, with five newborns each receiving one of the two names.

A four-way tie for fifth place followed that; Carter, James, Miles and Jack/Jaxson were the names of four baby boys each.

Rounding out the top 10 names for boys were seven names, all tied for ninth place with three newborns each receiving the following names: Aiden, Daniel, Ezra, Michael, Harrison, Eli and Dean.

“While last year continued to present a very unique challenge as COVID-19 restrictions prevented grandparents, siblings and friends from visiting, our new parents had more time to themselves to bond with their new babies,” said Carol Hendrian, a registered nurse and director of women and children services in the Family Birth Center at Decatur Memorial Hospital. “We look forward to when we can safely lift our visitor restrictions.”

Amelia, Oliver Are Decatur’s Most Popular Baby Names for 2021