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Michael’s Story

Just like most men his age, 27-year-old Michael Moss leads a busy life. He is a college graduate, has a job, enjoys being outdoors, is a fan, has a passion for sports – especially soccer – and goes on family vacations. But unlike most men his age, Michael has been battling cystic fibrosis (CF) since he was three days old and must also take time to manage his condition. He does this with the help of the CF Care Team at HSHS St. Vincent Hospital.
“The Prevea and St. Vincent team are fantastic,” said Michael. “They’ve treated me since I was a child, so I’ve gotten to know them really well. They’re like my family. They’re interested in me and my life, not just my illness.”

Living with CF has become a part of Michael’s daily life. He recognizes the importance of completing daily medications and therapy sessions to prevent lung damage and keep him feeling well. In addition to his daily treatments, Michael attends clinic appointments at the hospital, where he meets with the CF Care Team to check his progress since his last visit and to determine what the focus should be for the upcoming months.

“I don’t let cystic fibrosis define me,” said Moss. “It’s just one aspect of who I am. But it’s taught me dedication, hard work and time management. Those are all skills that I’m able to apply to other aspects of my life and for that I’m grateful.”