Heart Care as a Team


There are many signs that a heart attack may be near, and as Pastor Terry Leach tells us, you want to be aware of those signs.

Thanks to the quick work of HSHS St. Mary's Hospital and Prairie Cardiovascular Consultants, Terry is doing great and on his way to a full recovery with St. Mary's Cardiac Rehab program.

Supervised Exercise Therapy Program


Supervised Exercise Therapy is designed for patients with Intermittent Claudication resulting from Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD). St. Mary's encourages patients with PAD to understand the benefits of attending supervised excercise therapy including:

  • improvement in functional capacity

  • decreased symptoms while walking

  • achieve systemic risk-reduction benefits.

Investing in the SET PAD program at St. Mary's will improve access for people suffering from Intermittent Claudication (IC) resulting from PAD in our community!

Participation in the Supervised Exercise Therapy Program allows patients to increase:

  • walking distances.

  • quality of life.

  • overall functional capacity.