What kind of Women's Health Services can we help you find?

3D Mammography

Having A Baby

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Lifelong Treatment for Women in Decatur


Responding to your health needs as a woman begins with a strong and supportive relationship with your health care provider. HSHS St. Mary’s Hospital nurtures this connection through every life stage. With us, you'll find the latest screening and treatment options, specialized women's clinics and a full range of programs for your education and well-being. Most of all, you'll find care that acknowledges your need to stay well and live well - for you and your family.

Maternity Services


Starting off with the Women and Infants Center, St. Mary's is the provider of the only Baby-Friendly certified Maternal Care Unit in Decatur.

At St. Mary’s Hospital, we are so honored when mothers choose to welcome their children into the world at our hospital. We understand that comfort and confidence are the keys to your healthy, happy birthing experience. That is why we surround our new mothers with a relaxing environment filled with positive, supportive staff members and top-notch neonatal care. Our goal is for you to have your best birthing experience.

Women's Imaging Services


Getting your recommended screenings is one of the most important ways to take care of your health. At St. Mary’s, we make this easy and comfortable at the new Wiesemann Women’s Center.

St. Mary’s is setting a new standard in the region for advancing the early detection of breast cancer and other conditions. The center offers a full range of imaging services—from 3D mammography and stereotactic breast biopsy to ultrasound and bone density screening—in a relaxed, spa-like environment where you’re treated with compassion and care.