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Almost Home Program

The Almost Home program focuses on privacy and convenience, while helping you or a loved one rest easier, heal faster - and make the transition to return home as soon as possible.

Senior woman standing with young female nurse

When an injury, illness or other medical condition requires additional care, Almost Home offers a specialized environment within the hospital that can help speed recovery. Each patient also benefits from a highly skilled care team (a registered nurse, physical/occupational/speech therapist, and a member of the Pastoral Care Department) that addresses inner and outer healing in a simulated home environment.

Combining health care services that address the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of every patient, the Almost Home Program utilizes a “patient-centered” philosophy that addresses both internal and external healing.

Senior woman smiling

Almost Home features

  • Experience and personal attention that can lead to quicker recuperation
  • All-private patient rooms on a case-by-case basis (bathroom and shower included)
  • No restrictions on visiting hours
  • Around-the-clock nursing, physician and pharmacy availability
  • Room-service meal program for patients and visitors
  • Family inclusion in patient care plan development