Pain Management

There are as many levels and thresholds of pain as there are people. St. Anthony's Center for Interventional Pain Management provides a multi-disciplinary program that offers a full range of comprehensive pain management treatments in an outpatient setting.

Male doctor evaluating man's back pain

Pain can be a nuisance or it can take control of your life. No matter what level of pain you are experiencing, we are committed to the complete non-surgical and minimally invasive management of pain syndromes. Our goal is to decrease your pain as well as to increase your daily activities and enhance the quality of your life. We will provide an evaluation, a diagnosis and treatment plan in which you, as the patient, are an active participant.

Our philosophy and approach:

  • Devote necessary time to listen to our patients.
  • Provide a caring approach to the management of each patient's pain.
  • Develop a personalized treatment plan for each patient based on their unique pain disease and their goals for their treatment.
  • Educate each patient about their condition, treatment, options and progress.
  • Ensure that all procedures required are performed with the patients comfort and safety the top priority.
  • Support referring health care providers in the care of their patients.

We work closely with primary care physicians as well as many specialists to optimally coordinate the care of our patients.

All of our patients first undergo a thorough assessment to determine the issues contributing to their pain symptoms. We then develop an individualized treatment plan targeted to their specific problem.

We utilize the most advanced technologies and work to strengthen our patients’ emotional ability to cope with the debilitating effects of pain in order to help them quickly return to a fully productive life.

At St. Anthony’s Center for Interventional Pain, we feel that by providing the right diagnostic insights, comprehensive medical strategies, and new advanced treatments, pain and suffering can be dramatically reduced.

Dr. Frank Eaton

Meet Dr. Eaton

Dr. Frank M. Eaton, MD, is an Anesthesiology and Pain Management specialist. He graduated from the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine in 1986 and has over 34 years of diverse experience in Anesthesiology. He also completed his fellowship training at St. Louis University and was a part of the faculty for 10 years. We welcome Dr. Eaton to Effingham, Illinois and St. Anthony's Memorial Hospital.