HSHS St. John's Hospital Installs Open MRI

January 24, 2024 

HSHS St. John’s Hospital is has acquired Fujifilm’s Oasis Velocity High-Field Open MRI Imaging System to offer patients and physicians access to the most advanced diagnostic imaging techniques currently available in the healthcare industry. The Velocity is the most powerful whole body open MRI magnet available and provides ultimate patient comfort and maximum image quality.

The open MRI is conveniently located at HSHS St. John’s Health Center in Springfield, Ill. at 1100 East Lincolnshire Blvd., just off South 5th Street near I55, I72 and the Walmart shopping center. It is the only open MRI in the Springfield community and the most advanced in the region.

“This open MRI provides our patients an exam that is as quick and smooth as possible. The Velocity helps to lower stress, lower scan time and increase patient satisfaction,” said Branden Richardson, RT(R), CT, market director of radiology at HSHS.

Why request an open MRI? This system offers an accommodating design to make patients more comfortable during their exam. With a 270o unobstructed view, the Velocity helps to minimize feelings of discomfort and claustrophobia. This feature also allows the patient to have a loved one or friend nearby during the exam for further reassurance. In addition, the machine can accommodate larger patient-sizes comfortably.

Fujifilm has been a long-time pioneer of diagnostic imaging systems, with more than 1,500 CT and MRI systems installed in the United States.

HSHS St. John’s imaging and radiology department is staffed by expertly trained medical professionals. Ask your primary care physician about a referral for the open MRI at St. John’s Health Center.

For more information about imaging services at all HSHS St. John’s Hospital locations, visit st-johns.org/openMRI.

HSHS St. John's Hospital Installs Open MRI
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