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Payment Options and Insurance

HSHS St. John's Hospital accepts a wide variety of health insurance plans to serve our community.

Provider and smiling female patient sit at table  Provider and smiling female patient sit at table

All patients are urged to verify their benefits and coverage directly with their insurance plan to determine whether services will be covered as in-network or out-of-network benefits.

HSHS St. John’s Hospital will work with you to help you understand the sometimes complex insurance coverage system and offer alternative payment options for you that will fit in your budget.

If you have any questions regarding this estimate, payment of your expected balance, eligibility for uninsured discount or other assistance, please contact our Customer Service team at 1-800-994-0368.

What You Need to Know

Deductibles, co-insurance and non-covered amounts not paid are your responsibility. All charges not paid by your insurance must be paid in full within 30 days after billing.

We accept the following payment methods

  • Credit Cards - We accept all major credit cards online or by phone
  • Checks - We accept checks online, by phone or mail

If the account cannot be paid in full within 30 days, there are two payment options:

  • Payment plan
  • Extended Payment Plans (greater than 12 months)

We are here to provide assistance to all our customers with paying their bills. One option is monthly payment plans. Patient balance payment plans are offered to patients who cannot make payment in full.

If the account balance is less than $500, payment plans can be offered up to 5 months. The first payment will be required when setting up the payment plan.

If the account balance is greater than $500, payment plans can be offered up to 12 months. The first payment will be required when setting up the payment plan.

If an account cannot be paid in full within 12 months, the patient will be referred to Commerce Bank for an extended payment plan. All patients and their guarantors will automatically qualify for extended financing through our partnership with Commerce Bank. Commerce Bank offers interest-free financing up to 60 months/5 years, depending on the patient balance.

To make a payment, set up a payment plan, or get information about Commerce Bank, please contact our Customer Service department at 1-800-994-0368 or email  Hours are Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  The fax number is 217-492-2339. 

View our Billing and Collection Policy to learn about our practices. 

HSHS St. John’s Hospital will file an insurance claim with your primary insurance carrier (as well as most secondary insurances). Please provide accurate and complete insurance information at the time of registration.

Itemized billing statements (an itemized hospital bill) are available upon request.

Please note: Services provided by your physician may not be included on your hospital bill. If Radiology, Anesthesia or Emergency care were received, you may receive a bill for services from:
During the course of outpatient treatment, you may be given medication Medicare considers self-administered. Medicare defines these as medications the patient could, in another setting, take themselves, and may include tablets, drops, inhalants and some injectable drugs.

In order to remain compliant with Medicare regulations related to billing of these drugs, the hospital is required to submit these self-administered drugs as non-covered items on our billing to Medicare. Once Medicare (and any other insurers you may have), have made payment to us, you will receive a bill from HSHS St. John’s Hospital. In addition to any deductible and co-insurance due, this bill will reflect the charges for unpaid self-administered drugs, and payment for these items is expected from the patient. Some Part D Plans may reimburse the patient for the self-administered drugs. You will need to contact your Part D carrier for information on how to submit a claim. Please contact Patient Financial Services with any questions. 
While you are a Medicare hospital patient, you have the right to receive all the hospital care necessary for the proper diagnosis and treatment of your illness or injury. According to federal law, your discharge date must be determined solely by your medical needs.

You have the right to be fully informed about decisions affecting your Medicare coverage, payment for your hospital stay and for any post-hospital services.

You have the right to request a review by a Peer Review Organization (PRO) of any written "Notice of Non-coverage" that you receive from the hospital stating that Medicare will no longer pay for your hospital care. PROs are groups of doctors who are paid by the federal government to review medical necessity appropriateness and quality of the hospital treatment furnished to Medicare patients.

If you think you are being asked to leave the hospital too soon, ask a hospital representative for a written notice of explanation immediately. This notice is called a "Notice of Non-coverage."
The hospital will not become involved in any third party liability cases. It is the patient’s responsibility and obligation to see that the hospital bill is paid promptly, regardless of any pending litigation resulting from an injury caused by a third party. The hospital will file liability liens against the patient and/or responsible party whenever deemed necessary to protect the interest of the hospital.