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What to Expect at the Hospital

Save time and be prepared before you arrive

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Patients will need to check in at the registration desk located on first floor of the hospital. At that time, patients will be given an identification bracelet that must be worn before to any procedure, treatment or medication administration.

Pediatric Units

After registration, you will be directed to one of the two pediatric units at HSHS St. Vincent Children’s Hospital: Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) or Pediatric Unit.

  • Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) - a critical care unit for children who are critically ill and require intensive care.
  • Pediatric Unit - for children who need to stay at the hospital, but aren’t as critically ill.

They are located next to each other to make transfer between units, if necessary, as easy as possible.

Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

All families are encouraged to use the lounge areas; however, please do not use them to sleep. If you get tired during your child’s stay, please ask your child’s nurse or case manager, and he or she will be happy to help you find sleeping arrangements.

There is a cafeteria located on fourth floor, along with vending machines.

An ATM is also located on first floor by the gift shop.

Your child’s physician and nurse will visit your room every day, also known as “rounding” or “rounds,” to discuss what your child needs and develop a plan of care for the day. 

Hourly rounding during the day and rounding every one to two hours at night will also be done by any colleague member to help with your child’s needs. A safety check with the off-going nurse and on-coming nurse will be performed in the child’s room at the change of each shift. 

Frequent nursing assessments and vital signs may be taken, based on the current needs of your child and specific orders from the physician. This includes obtaining physical assessments during nighttime hours. We understand the need for undisturbed sleep, but many times these assessments give important information and need to be completed. 

We respect and encourage patient rights to confidentiality. A nurse will provide parents with a spokesperson number. With this number, parents and family may call the nurse’s station at any time for information. Information will be given over the phone only to persons with this number. To make sure colleagues spend as much time with your child as possible we ask that other phone calls to the nurses’ station be limited.
Guests who live 50 miles or farther from Green Bay are generally referred to the Altrusa House. It provides temporary accommodations to people who are in the area to provide support to a friend or loved one who is receiving medical care. Other than a $10 key fee, this facility offers service to guests at no charge. It is located at 1116 E. Mason St. in Green Bay and additional information can be found at greenbay.altrusa.org.
We understand it is difficult to leave your child’s side when he or she is ill. A parent lounge for immediate family and caregivers is available with a keypad locked door. We encourage you to utilize this space and hope that we have provided you with a stress-free area.

For your convenience, the following items are available in the parent lounge at no charge:
  • Coffee and other drinks
  • Cans of soup, cereal and various snacks (in the cabinets)
  • Microwavable items (in the freezer)
  • Sandwiches, salads and vegetable trays (in the refrigerator)
 Please try to keep the lounge clean.
Cell phones are allowed in patient rooms and on the floor. Please silence all cell phones when in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and please note that your child’s nurse may restrict cell phone use at other times, if necessary.

There is also telephone in each patient room. Dial “9” before a local phone number. Dial “0” to have the operator dial a long distance phone number.
Parents are expected to use the bathroom and shower in the lounge, as the bathroom in your child’s room is for him or her only. If you need supplies for the shower, please ask your child’s nurse. The showers are cleaned regularly. However, we encourage you to spray the shower before and after use with the cleaning product provided.
While there are no specific visiting hours for parents, visitor restrictions are currently in place for the safety of all patients, their families and our colleagues. For latest visitor guidelines please call 920-433-0111 with any questions.

Further Queries

If you have any questions or concerns, please ask your child’s nurse, case manager or any hospital staff member.