To be a candidate for a same-day knee replacement, you must meet a few guidelines.

The first is that you are in overall good health. This means no significant health risks and that bodily functions are working properly, due not only to lack of disease, but also due to regular exercise, balanced nutrition and adequate rest.

The next guideline you must meet is a good home-support system. Since you will not be staying overnight in the hospital, your family and loved ones will be taking care of you the first few days. We just want to make sure that you are well-supported at the beginning of your recovery journey.

These guidelines among others allow us to ensure that you are the right fit for a same-day knee replacement surgery. Even if you don't qualify due to these guidelines, you may still be able to receive a traditional knee replacement. We encourage you to talk with your doctor to begin the process.

Be Home For Dinner with Same-Day Knee Replacement


Shane Sloan was home for dinner after his same-day knee replacement surgery at HSHS St. Mary's Hospital. 

Therapy Care


Patients receiving a same-day total knee replacement at HSHS St. Mary's Hospital will receive both physical and occupational therapy before being discharged from the hospital.

Physical Therapy will address:

  • functional mobility needs, including bed mobility, standing up, walking, and stair performance.

  • a home exercise program to continue working towards increased strength and ROM.

Occupational Therapy will address:

  • self-care needs, including dressing, grooming, bathing, and toileting tasks.

Our therapy care team will make recommendations for any needed equipment and work with case management to secure these items prior to discharge. Safety is the goal through the entire process. Your care will adapt to your needs as you recover from your procedure.

Two separate therapy sessions will provided to same-day total knee replacement patients to ensure comfort and safety. Although these assessments and therapy sessions may seem quick, evidence supports the safety of early discharge after total joint replacement, including decreasing complications and encouraging faster return to function.

Home Care


HSHS Home Health provides medical, physical therapy and occupational therapy services throughout your recovery period. An RN will visit the same-day total knee replacement patient's home the morning after the surgery and follows up once a week.

Patients receive physical therapy in the home two to three times a week until the patient see his or her surgeon for a follow-up visit. Patients will also receive occupational therapy the first week post surgery. These therapists will also help with any additional equipment needs.

Once the patient has been cleared by the surgeon, he or she will begin outpatient physical therapy and be discharged from home care.