Having a Baby

We are here with you for precious beginnings. Our HSHS St. John's Women and Infants Center will be with you throughout your pregnancy.

Young pregnant couple smiling at mom's belly

Welcoming a new life can be an anxious time. Finding the very best care shouldn't be one of your worries. The team at HSHS St. John's Women and Infants Center will be with you throughout your pregnancy with individualized, compassionate care so you can focus on what matters most, enjoying the first precious moments of a lifetime.

Women and Infants Center video tour

As a Level III Perinatal Center, St. John's can provide the highest level of care for mothers and babies in south-central Illinois. Our Women and Infants Center welcomes more than 2,000 babies every year. The antenatal unit (located within the Women and Infants Center) is staffed by maternal/fetal medicine specialists 24/7 for expectant mothers who may need extra care during their pregnancy for issues such as pre-term labor or high blood pressure. We also have 24/7 dedicated anesthesia coverage so we are available around the clock to address questions or concerns regarding pain control options. And, when minutes count for mom and baby during an emergency, we can quickly provide surgical anesthesia. If an emergency should arise, a board-certified obstetrician is in the hospital at all times.

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Innovative neonatal care

Should your baby need special care, St. John’s has a 56-bed Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) staffed 24 hours a day by neonatologists specially trained to care for babies born too early, as well as babies born with a serious illness. Nurses, respiratory therapists, rehabilitation specialists, pharmacists and dietitians all work together on the unit to provide your baby the best care.

Expectant parent resources

For information on babyproofing, breastfeeding, car seat safety, delivery, postpartum care and more, look to these resources.

Healthclips Patient Education Library | We invite you to explore our recommended learning playlists and libraries for trusted, easy-to-understand health and wellness education.

Understanding Birth eClass | This online learning experience provides comprehensive information you can trust as you prepare for your upcoming birth. Includes instructive video clips, animations and interactive games along with actual labor and birth stories. Class fee: $75. Call 217-814-5591 for more information.

The Birth Circle group

The Women & Infants Center unit

A pictorial tour

Our labor suites
This is one of our Labor & Delivery rooms. All of our labor rooms have a bed that transitions into stirrups when it is time to deliver. All of our monitors are behind the closed cabinet doors and opened when ready to use. A bedside table is nearby for your convenience.
Your newborn can stay skin to skin with you immediately following delivery, assuming both mother and baby are doing well. The infant warmer/crib is fully equipped with everything we need to help with the transition of the newborn. All of our rooms also have a couch that converts to a bed for your support person. 
Bathroom with a shower
Every room has a bathroom with a shower. The shower has a hand held sprayer and a built in seat for you to sit and relax. The sink area is stocked with towels, washcloths and it also contains a hairdryer.