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Orthopedic Center

Whether the game you love, the garden you nurture, or playing with the children who keep you young, our orthopedic experts will be by your side with compassionate care that gets you back to what matters most.

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We offer a full range of medical and surgical joint care, using minimally invasive techniques that can often reduce pain, shorten recovery time and leave minimal scarring.  

Orthopedic services, a part of surgical services at HSHS St. Mary's Hospital, is a partnership with the finest orthopedic surgeons in the region. Encompassing education, minimally invasive procedures, same day surgery and a continuum of care through recovery physical therapy, and home care, we bring all the conditions together for a rapid recovery.

Orthopedic patients recover in private rooms with comfortable furnishings. A physical therapy area is located on the floor so that patients receive convenient and timely treatments.

Speak with your primary care provider or specialist to schedule your orthopedic procedure at HSHS St. Mary's Hospital. 

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Same-Day Total Knee Replacement

Patients receiving a total knee replacement at HSHS St. Mary's Hospital are now able to go home the same day of the surgery. Traditionally, a joint replacement requires one to three nights in the hospital, but now patients in overall good health and who have the right support system can recover in the comfort of their own homes. Our goal is to get you home for dinner and back to life faster.

This requires the work a full team the day of the surgery. Registration, anesthesia, surgery, the nursing units, rehabilitation and home care all work side by side to provide the most efficient, high quality care possible. Ask your physician if this is the right option for you. Schedule your same-day total knee replacement appointment today.

Candidates for same-day knee replacement, must meet guidelines

  • The first is that you are in overall good health. This means no significant health risks and that bodily functions are working properly, due not only to lack of disease, but also due to regular exercise, balanced nutrition and adequate rest.
  • The next guideline you must meet is a good home-support system. Since you will not be staying overnight in the hospital, your family and loved ones will be taking care of you the first few days. We just want to make sure that you are well-supported at the beginning of your recovery journey.

These guidelines among others allow us to ensure that you are the right fit for a same-day knee replacement surgery. Even if you don't qualify due to these guidelines, you may still be able to receive a traditional knee replacement. We encourage you to talk with your doctor to begin the process.

Patients in an educational group setting

Total Joint Replacement Class

In 2024, HSHS St. Mary's Hospital launched a Total Joint Replacement Class. This new class provides our staff with a structured time to educate patients and address any potential concerns.

Representatives from the hospital’s surgery, anesthesia and rehabilitation teams will provide patients with education on steps to take before and after surgery.

Classes are held three times per month. Light refreshments will be provided.
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Returning to your active life

St. Mary's wants your joint replacement surgery to be a successful experience so that you can get back to normal activity and enjoy life without joint discomfort. Patients receiving a same-day total knee replacement at HSHS St. Mary's Hospital will receive both physical and occupational therapy before being discharged from the hospital.

Physical Therapy will address:

  • functional mobility needs, including bed mobility, standing up, walking, and stair performance.
  • a home exercise program to continue working towards increased strength and ROM.

Occupational Therapy will address:

  • self-care needs, including dressing, grooming, bathing, and toileting tasks.

Our therapy care team will make recommendations for any needed equipment and work with case management to secure these items prior to discharge. Safety is the goal through the entire process. Your care will adapt to your needs as you recover from your procedure.

Two separate therapy sessions will provided to same-day total knee replacement patients to ensure comfort and safety. Although these assessments and therapy sessions may seem quick, evidence supports the safety of early discharge after total joint replacement, including decreasing complications and encouraging faster return to function.

Home Care

HSHS Home Care provides medical, physical therapy and occupational therapy services throughout your recovery period. An RN will visit the same-day total knee replacement patient's home the morning after the surgery and follows up once a week.

Patients receive physical therapy in the home two to three times a week until the patient see his or her surgeon for a follow-up visit. Patients will also receive occupational therapy the first week post surgery. These therapists will also help with any additional equipment needs.

Once the patient has been cleared by the surgeon, he or she will begin outpatient physical therapy and be discharged from home care.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Loose-fitting pajamas or knee-length gowns and robes. It is best if robes tie or button in the front and do not drag on the floor. Undergarments are permitted.
  • Good walking shoes with little or no heel. No house slippers.
  • Loose-fitting clothing, such as sweats, t-shirts, or shorts to wear to therapy, to do your exercises in while you are in the hospital, and also to wear when you go home.
  • Personal hygiene items such as razors, toothbrushes, etc.
  • Small amount of change is permitted. Please leave money and valuables at home or with your family.
  • If you have a walker or cane, please have your family/friends bring them up the evening of surgery or the next day. Please put your name on these items.
  • A list of all your medications and their dosages. Be sure to include any over-the-counter medicines, such as vitamins and herbs. You are allowed to bring your own inhalers and eye drops. All other medicines will be given by the hospital.
  • Your insurance and/or Medicare cards.
  • Copy of your Living Will and/or Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare.
  • If you choose to bring any personal belongings, such as a pillow, be sure that it is a colored one with your name on it so it does not get mistaken for one of the hospital articles.
  • Please bring your Incentive Spirometer with you to the hospital. The Incentive Spirometer is a device that is designed to encourage deep breaths and help prevent respiratory problems. Keep the device clean and do not allow children or other family members to use it.
Go to Registration through the Main Lobby. You should report to the hospital at the time your surgeon told you.
We are committed to providing quality patient care, promoting patient education, and enhancing patient safety. You will be asked to participate with the following processes.

If you are scheduled for elective surgery, you will be asked to verify the correct operative site during your visit with the pre-admission nurse. If your operation involves right versus left (for example - right knee or left knee), you will be asked to verify the correct site.

Before surgery, a nurse will verify the correct operative site with you. He/she will also confirm this information with your medical record and the surgery schedule.

The nurse will ask you to mark the operative site with your initials by using a skin marker.

The Surgical Team will recheck the surgical site with you. They will look at your initials and will document the verification process in your medical record.

If you do not understand this information, please ask a member of the Surgical Team.

Please be aware that questions regarding your name, physician, type and location of surgery, medical history, allergies, etc., will be repeated multiple times during your surgical process in order to ensure your safety.