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How do I get a copy of my medical records?


In-person release of medical records is temporarily suspended. You can quickly complete authorized requests through the following options:

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Personal Belongings


Limit belongings to essential items, which you will be responsible to secure during your hospital stay. Valuable items and money should be sent home if possible, or secured by the hospital upon request. St. Anthony's Memorial Hospital will not be responsible for lost or damaged items.

Self Administrable Drugs


During the course of outpatient treatments, visits to the emergency department, observations stays, or during outpatient surgical, chemotherapy, pain clinic services, or other outpatient visits, you may receive drugs that Medicare defines as self-administrable drugs.

What are self-administrable drugs?

Most self-administrable drugs are drugs that you would take by mouth or give to yourself at home. Such drugs include, but are not limited to oral medications, eye drops and topical treatments.

Medicare Part B generally covers care that you receive in hospital outpatient settings, such as an emergency department, observation unit, surgery center or pain clinic. However, Medicare Part B doesn’t cover over-the-counter and “self-administrable” drugs you receive in hospital outpatient settings.

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Patient Satisfaction Survey


Our goal is to provide you with a great patient experience. Our patient satisfaction survey enables us to listen to the voice of the patients, gather feedback to assess our performance, and ultimately improve our ability to provide great patient experiences. If you receive a random, confidential survey in the mail, please take a moment to complete and return it. This is your opportunity to tell us what we did well and where we can improve. Thank you.