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Having A Baby

We are here with you for precious new beginnings. Welcoming a new life can be an anxious time. The team at St. Anthony's Women & Infants Center will be with you throughout your pregnancy with individualized, compassionate care.

Young pregnant couple smiling at mom's belly

St. Anthony's Women and Infants Center offers a comfortable and relaxed setting for the birth of your baby. Our labor and delivery rooms offer the most comfort, privacy, and safety possible to our new mothers and their newborns. And after a short recovery time, you are moved to a private room with its own private bathroom with a sit-down shower. Our private rooms give you a quiet place for your family to enjoy the celebration of your newborn’s arrival.

A few moments of Brahms' lullaby are played hospital-wide when the miracle of birth happens at St. Anthony’s, which is several times a day.

Completing a family

The birth of a baby is an exciting, yet vulnerable time. Niki shares with our Women and Infant Center staff that the compassion they demonstrated, even in the midst of struggling times, helped complete her family.

Sleeping woman with mask over face

Pain management with Nitrous Oxide

We additionally offer a nitrous oxide pain management program as an alternative to an epidural and IV pain medications. Expectant mothers like using Nitronox because it does not require IV access and is self-administered, empowering them to safely and effectively help manage the discomfort of labor and post-birth procedures while remaining alert and conscious. Plus, it can be quickly eliminated from the body so it does not affect the baby's central nervous system or breathing and has not been shown to alter or slow the labor process.