Firefly™ Fluorescence Imaging


This imaging system allows your surgeon to identify vessels and tissue that otherwise couldn’t be seen by the human eye. Firefly combines a special video camera and a dye that binds to proteins to make those vessels and tissue visible during minimally invasive surgical procedures using the da Vinci.
Currently, St. Mary’s offers Robotic Surgery for general including single-site, gynecologic and urologic cases.

Advantages of Robotic Surgery


•  Smaller incisions

•  Reduced pain and trauma to the body

•  Less scarring

•  Faster recovery and return to normal daily activities

da Vinci™  Single-Site™ Surgery


At HSHS St. Mary’s Hospital, we bring together incredible technology with exceptional care to offer gallbladder surgery that’s less invasive. In fact, it only requires one small incision — thanks to the da Vinci® Surgical System with Single-Site® technology — so your recovery is stronger and less complicated. Keep reading to learn more about the procedure and why we’re your leading choice for minimally invasive, robot-assisted surgery in Decatur.

Learn more about robotic surgical services at St. Mary's Hospital.

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