Specialized Care at Home


If you require specialized nursing care at home,  HSHS Home Care  is located conveniently on the St. Mary’s Hospital campus. Compassionate and trained nursing staff will work with your doctor to deliver the exceptional care you expect from St. Mary’s right in your home. Home health also offers a home cardiopulmonary rehabilitation service.  


Physical and Occupational Services


St. Mary’s has physical and occupational rehabilitative services  to help you return to optimal functioning after your surgery. In 2008, St. Mary’s opened an inpatient rehabilitation facility that offers intensive, inpatient rehab services for those who need them. Previously, Decatur residents had to travel to Springfield or Champaign for such services. 

Adult Day Care Services


St. Mary’s also provides day care services for adults  through a unique partnership with the Decatur Day Care Center on campus. For more information, call 217-422-2044.