Compassion, stewardship, holistic care, care of communities, care for all, innovation 

Safe, practice excellence, skills, knowledge, attitude, exceptional

Attitude, thoughtful, finding the meaning of the moment, contentment, what you bring to the moment, mindfulness, intentional, purposeful, limitless 

Sharing of oneself, being open to others, valuing others, and adding value to others, meeting people where they are.  Ethical behavior.


In 1886, the Hospital Sisters of St. Francis founded St. John's Hospital School of Nursing.

Their mission was to care for the sick and needy of the community in a spirit of joy, respect and commitment to competence. From that day to the present, the values and vision of the Hospital Sisters have underscored and directed the efforts of the faculty and students.

Initially the school was created as a two-year diploma program to educate members of the founding religious order. In 1912 the school accepted the first lay women. In 1952, when the National League for Nursing first began its accreditation program for schools of nursing, St. John's was among those who came forward to meet this new challenge. 

St. John's School of Nursing transitioned into St. John's College in 1991. Today, St. John's College students can earn a bachelor, master or doctorate nursing degree. Students may attend a wide variety of colleges and universities to study the arts and sciences prior their immersion in nursing theory and practice at St. John's College.

St. John's has been cited as the oldest Catholic hospital based school of nursing in the United States. During our long and rich history, we have undergone many transitions. However, the constant has been dedication to the education of professional nurses whose practice exemplifies excellence in health care.