Parking and vehicle assistance

St. John’s Hospital security officers are available 24/7. These individuals provide escort services to parked vehicles and are available for a battery charge, if your car fails to start, assistance with a flat tire or locked car. For vehicle and parking assistance call security at 44020 from any college phone, or call 217-814-4020 when using a cell phone or phone outside the college building.

Vehicle and walking safety

  • Carry your car keys when approaching your vehicle so you can enter quickly.

  • Always check underneath/around your car upon approach and in the rear seat for intruders before entering your vehicle.

  • Lock your doors and keep windows rolled up whenever possible.

  • Limit distractions such as cell phones.

  • Lock personal items in your trunk.

  • Avoid leaving GPS systems and other electronic devices visible.

  • ALWAYS be alert of your surroundings.

  • Avoid using headphones while walking.

  • Avoid walking alone.

  • Whenever possible, walk with a group of people or partner.

  • Contact security at extension 44020 or 111 if you feel uncomfortable walking to or from your vehicle.

  • Avoid walking in dimly lit areas.

  • Utilize emergency phones located throughout the campus.

  • Walk with the least amount of belongings as possible.

  • If you have car problems such as lock-out or failure to start, contact security at ext. 44020 or (217) 814-4020.

Access to building

  • Always carry your photo ID badge with you for access to the building.

  • Never allow anyone else to use your badge.

  • Avoid leaving your badge lying around.

  • Never prop open doors.

  • Avoid allowing individuals to follow behind you when accessing the building.

  • If you believe an unauthorized person has gained access to the building, get to a safe place and contact security immediately, ext. 44020 or 111. If using an outside phone call (217) 814-4020 or 911.

Security contact information

  • Communications Center (Dispatch): ext. 44020 or 44021

  • Emergency: Dial 111 or 911

  • To call security from an outside line: (217) 814-4020 or 911

Additional Resources

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