Criteria for Nomination

  • Be a graduate within the past 10 years
  • Excelled early in their professional life and shown potential and/or community achievements. Attained increasingly responsible positions within their organization, business or field of work
  • Received recognition for significant professional contributions, discoveries or creative work through honors, awards and/or media attention
  • Served as an outstanding young role model for current and future St. John's College students
  • Demonstrated ideals that exemplify St. John's College tradition of service, vision and community activism
  • Have demonstrated by his or her actions the importance of education received at St. John's College
  • Continued their education to make a contribution to their career and the nursing community
  • Be available to attend the award ceremony

Nomination Procedure

  • Obtain permission from the candidate and inform that person that an up-to-date resume or curriculum vitae will be required for submission to the alumni board for award consideration.


  • When it is known that nominees should be surprised by the nomination, permission of the candidate is not required prior to the nomination and supporting documents can be requested by the Alumni Board when and if needed.
  • Submit a brief statement on why you think the nominee should be considered for the award along with a summary of accomplishments
  • Other details or pertinent data that might prove helpful in supporting your nomination include but not limited to a synopsis of how the nominee demonstrates the College core values
  • Complete the nomination form

Selection Process

  • The St. John's Nursing Alumni Association board members will review all properly completed nomination packets and base their decision on content. Decisions are subject to final approval by the Alumni Association President and Chancellor of the College
  • Nominations not selected will remain on file for the award consideration each year for a period up to five years or the ten years is expired
  • The alumni board is not required to select an honoree each year if applicants do not display criteria deemed sufficient to be considered for the award
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Professional, volunteer and civic involvement; education and degrees; other additional recognitions
How nominee exemplifies the mission of SJC through professional accomplish- ments, living the values of SJC in his/her community and/or promoting, contributing or recruiting to the SJC community.
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