Withdraw from St. John's College

Withdraw is defined as dropping all courses the student has been registered for that semester. For online distance learning students, a student's drop or withdraw  date is defined as the actual date the student submits written notification of intent to drop/withdraw or 5 calendar days following the date of last access of the learning management system.

Students withdrawing form the college must complete the official withdraw form. This form is available from the faculty academic advisor. The student is responsible for providing written documentation that all college, library and course materials, including identification badge and parking permit have been returned. 

After this form is completed and signed, the student takes the form to the dean of academic affairs for approval. The student is responsible for finalizing all financial obligations to the college. 

Student accounts must be free and clear of financial and/or institutional holds before transcript requests are honored. The appropriate status at withdraw is recorded on the student's transcript according to policy.