Library Services

The Health Sciences Library at HSHS St. John's Hospital provides students with easy access to the internet, thousands of electronic journals and books, and an extensive collection of print materials, as well as media and audiovisual equipment. Many of its electronic resources are also available from home and throughout the campus. As a member of various state and national organizations, the library can borrow materials owned by libraries anywhere in the U.S. 

The library is open Monday through Saturday during the school year. The current Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association will be the manual of style adopted for all written work and will be available in the library. The library collection includes current nursing books, journals, and audio visuals and large historical collection of nursing books and journals.

Student nurses may check out library materials. The due dates for these materials are: books (4 weeks), journals (1 week), audiovisuals (1 week). Students may also complete an interlibrary loan form to request items not owned by the Health Science Library. There may be a charge for these services. The reserved section holds packets of information designed for specific courses and restricted to library use only. 

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Student Spaces

Student Lounge

The student lounge is located on the second floor of the college. Each student is responsible for keeping the lounge clean and neat. All food items brought to the lounge must be properly discarded after use. All eating utensils and trays are to be removed from the lounge after use. The privilege of using the lounge furnishings is dependent upon the appropriate utilization of the area and its equipment. 

Study Room

Study rooms are available for the students on the first floor of the college when not in use for college activities. 


Each student has the opportunity to be assigned a locker. Students must provide their own lock and students are advised to keep their combinations confidential. The college is not responsible for loss or theft of items from lockers.

Computer Use

Students must agree to a technology user agreement in order to utilize technology resources provided by the college.