General Information

All colleagues will continue to self-monitor their temperature at home or immediately prior to entering the college and acknowledge if they have symptoms of a cold, been exposed to anyone who tested positive or traveled out of the state or country.

All didactic instruction will be delivered online, as well as virtual laboratory instruction. Clinical experiences will be conducted at St. John’s Hospital or in an approved community setting.

Students who may need to use the computer lab, or want to have a group study session, must schedule those visits to the college with administration. Email or to schedule a visit.

Arrival and Expectations

  • All visits to campus must be pre-arranged with administration or instructor and a signed copy of the campus visit procedures form must be submitted prior to visiting.
  • When in the college, students will be required to follow CDC and IDPH guidelines including:
    • Maintaining 6ft social distancing.
    • Wearing a face mask. Students may wear their own mask. If students do not have a mask, one will be provided for them. 
  • Upon arrival to campus, please enter all buildings through the approved entry point as identified by your supervisor or instructor. (Front door) - You will be asked to provide a photo ID and copy of the screening tool verification (PDF, email or a screenshot). Those unable to provide a photo ID or verification of a complete screening from the day of the visit will not be allowed into college buildings. All colleagues and students are expected to exit the building through the west door, closest to the parking lot.

Daily Procedures

  • A college-appointed representative will meet all visitors at the identified entry point of each building to screen for a temperature using a no-touch thermometer. The appointed college representative will ensure the visitor has provided a signed copy of the campus visit procedures form and completed the electronic screening tool and that the visitor has the green light for campus presence.
  • Faculty will complete the Student Screening Log on clinical days. Upon verification of completion of all guidelines, colleagues/students may report to lab or work area. Any colleague/student with a temperature of 100 or above will be asked to leave campus.
  • During all campus visits, colleagues/students should limit traffic and presence to only areas which are required to perform official business.
  • Student Lounge, Room 127 may be used for group study, as long as the protocols for social distancing are being followed. This includes: prior surveillance and permission to be in the college; the number of students in the room does not exceed safe capacity; sitting 6 feet apart; and wearing a mask.
  • If at any time during campus presence the visitor recognizes a presence or worsening of symptoms or begins to develop a fever, the visitor will notify supervisor or instructor and immediately leave campus.