Admission Costs

ATI-TEAS Exam: $125 per attempt

Final Acceptance Costs

Criminal background check: $52
Drug screen: $45
CPR certification: $45
Malpractice insurance: $38 per year
Health screening/immunizations: varies
Health insurance: varies

Academic Costs

Textbooks: $2,500 for entire production
Computer: (PC or MAC) $500 to $1,500
Scrubs: $200 as needed
Stethoscope: $30-$125
Shoes: $80 - $150 as needed

Nursing Licenses

Nursing License Review

Hurst NCLEX review: free for St. John's College Students
Kaplan NCLEX review: $500 (optional)

Nursing License Costs

Finger printing: $42
NCLEX exam: $200 per attempt
Nursing license fee: $189 for first license

2023-2024 Tuition and Fees

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Estimated Cost of Attendance

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