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Alice Shea Beynon, R.N., ‘46

This scholarship was created to support a student with an interest in obstetrics. Students in their senior year are eligible for this scholarship.


American Association of University Women (AAUW)

The AAUW scholarship was established in 1996 by the Springfield branch of the American Association of University Women. This scholarship is designated for a female student who is returning to an educational setting after delaying her post high school education. AAUW’s mission is to advance equality for all women and girls through education, advocacy and research.


Ann Elizabeth Pohlman, R.N., ‘01

Ann Elizabeth Pohlman was a member of the class of 2001 who worked in the nursing profession for nine years before her untimely death. Ann’s parents, Richard and Ruth Pohlman and family and friends, established this scholarship for a nursing student who exemplifies Ann’s qualities such as compassion, caring, competence, dedication, dependability and maintaining a positive attitude and good moral character during challenging times. Annual awards are decided upon by St. John’s College faculty members who identify students who possess the qualities valued by Ann and exemplified by their personal caring of their patients.


Arianna Dominique Anderson, R.N., ‘18 and Alexis Marie Bianca Anderson Buis, R.N., ‘18

Their loving mother, Maria Boccardi Andrews, established two annual scholarships that are awarded in recognition of the excellent education her daughters received from St. John’s College of Nursing. Arianna and Alexis are both employed as registered nurses in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) at St. John’s Hospital.


Butler Family

The Butler family created this scholarship to recognize the professionalism of nurses: their respect for others, integrity, responsibility, accountability, courage, humility, advocacy and innovative spirit – qualities which define the caring nature of a nurse. This scholarship honors their family members who dedicated their professional lives to healthcare: Dorothy (Price) Skube, Mary Jo (Skube) Wasser, R.N., ’70, Denise Skube, Julie (Butler) Gallagher and Valerie (Skube) Rife. Additionally, this scholarship is given in honor of Paula Staab Polk who served as a nurse prior to her career in funeral service. Paula’s organization joined the Butler organization in 2018.


Denise Marie (Haarmann) Hahn, R.N., ‘81

The scholarship was established in loving memory by Mr. Larry Hahn and family and friends to honor Denise’s legacy and to provide educational assistance to future nurses. This scholarship is awarded to a student who embodies the qualities that Denise possessed: leadership, professionalism and compassion. As a loving wife, and mother of Chad, Corey and Joni, Denise was passionate about her family and the impact of her profession. While active in her community she served in leadership roles throughout her career with a special interest in cardiac rehabilitation and wellness promotion. Born on September 29, 1960 to Harold and Pauline Haarmann of Effingham, Denise had six siblings. Seven of Denise’s family members are St. John’s alumnae: Denise’s mother Pauline (Heischmidt, class of 1953), son Chad, daughter-in-law Ashlee, sisters Brenda Margold and Gloria Brummer and her aunt Pat Heischmidt.


Donna Lederle, R.N.

This scholarship was established by the estate of Bertha Lederle, in memory of her daughter, Donna. Miss Donna Lederle devoted her career to nursing. Donna was a 1965 graduate of Springfield High School. She earned her registered nurse diploma from South Chicago Community Hospital School of Nursing, a Bachelor of Science in nursing from St. Louis University and a Master’s degree in health services from Webster University. Bertha resided in the Springfield area and was familiar with St. John’s College which is why she named St. John’s College of Nursing in her will. Donna passed away in 2002 and her mother, Bertha, passed away in 2016 at the age of 101.


Dr. and Mrs. Harry Wellons

Established in 1989 by Dr. and Mrs. Harry Wellons, this scholarship helps students continue their nursing education. Dr. Wellons spent his career as a cardiac surgeon and continues to support this scholarship even though he and Mrs. Wellons no longer live in central Illinois.


Dr. and Mrs. Paul LaFata

Dr. and Mrs. Paul LaFata were loyal friends who donated their time, health services, and financial assistance to the college. Dr. LaFata provided free health services to nursing students until his retirement and Mrs. LaFata volunteered her time by serving on college committees. This endowed scholarship carries on their memory. In addition to their scholarship, the couple donated a stained-glass window that is displayed in the front hall of the college.


Dr. Jesse Stocker

Through her estate, Mrs. Corinne Stocker established this endowed scholarship in honor of her late husband, Dr. Jesse Stocker. Dr. Stocker recognized the need for trained, educated nurses and viewed nurses as a vital part of health care. Throughout his career, Dr. Stocker supported the nursing profession, and this merit scholarship will continue to inspire, reward and support nursing students who excel in their education.


Dr. Wallace and Patricia Strow, R.N., ‘53

Dr. Wallace and Patricia (Moffitt) Stow established this scholarship to benefit students who wish to pursue a career in nursing. This scholarship is given in gratitude for Pat’s nursing education and in appreciation for all nurses.


Elizabeth “Betty” Scheffler Koenig, R.N., ‘16

Thomas J. Schorle of West Hartford, CT established this scholarship in honor of his grandmother. Mrs. Koenig was one of the first three lay women to graduate from St. John’s School of Nursing in 1916. She entered the school in September 1912. Elizabeth was born on April 26, 1888, aboard a ship enroute to the Unites States from Germany.


Emil and Vera Stukenberg

Established by Judith Holley, ’61, this scholarship honors the memory of her parents Emil and Vera Stukenberg. The scholarship was given in remembrance of the sacrifices her parents made to provide her with the education that prepared her for her nursing career, which she enjoyed for over 40 years.


Fredericka Balfanz

Henry and Luise Balfanz, the grown children of Fredericka L. Balfanz, established this scholarship to carry on the legacy of their mother’s stellar nursing career. During World War II, Fredericka lived in San Francisco and served as a community health nurse specializing in obstetrics, child care and gynecology. Locally, she was a private duty nurse at Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital from 1945 to 1965; and a certified school nurse at Lincoln Community High School from 1965-1985. When she was 61, she graduated from St. Francis College in Joliet earning a bachelor’s degree in professional arts. Fredericka retired from Lincoln Community High School when she was 70 years old. Her daughter Luise is a 1984 alumna of St. John’s School of Nursing.


Gertrude Anhalt Egan, R.N., Community Service Award

This special award was created to honor an exceptional woman who exemplifies a spirit of community service. Gertie worked for more than forty years as a registered nurse, spending the last several years of her career caring for patients at St. John’s hospice. She was active in her church and the community. Each year, the Gertie Egan Community Service Award is presented to students who demonstrate the highest merit of community service while supporting the St. John’s College mission and philosophy.


Harriett Yoggerst Farr, R.N., ‘45

This scholarship was established by the children of Harriett Yoggerst Farr and is designated for a senior nursing student.


Hilma Hawkins

Given in memory of Hilma Hawkins, a medical social worker, this scholarship recognizes the excellent care she gave to patients and acknowledges the support and help she gave to her colleagues and families. This scholarship was established by Kathleen Sgro, ’85, along with co-workers and friends.


Jacob and Helen Borntreger

Cheryl Huffman, the daughter of Jacob and Helen Borntreger, honors the memory of her parents and supports the mission and future of St. John’s College of Nursing with the establishment of this scholarship. Preference will be given to a student from Amish or Mennonite heritage or to a first-generation college student.


Jean McNeill, R.N., ‘55

Jess McNeill endowed this scholarship to honor his wife’s 41 years of service as a nurse. Jean McNeill was a faculty member at St. John’s School of Nursing. She was a respected colleague who was cherished by others. This scholarship was created after her death in 1997. Jess McNeill passed away in 2008.


Jeannie Marie Hansen

This scholarship was established in loving memory of Jeannie Marie Hansen. At the time of her death, Jeannie was a beloved St. John’s colleague who worked in the HSHS Chatham TherapyCare facility as a financial counselor. Jeannie was named the 2016 Colleague of the Year for her dedicated service to our patients and for her positive and uplifting spirit. Her husband, Craig, and other family members and friends honor Jeannie’s life by providing this scholarship to a deserving student. Preference will be given to a single parent.


Jenna Martin Seelbach, R.N., ‘13

In loving memory, family and friends of Jenna Martin Seelbach established this endowment to be awarded to a nursing student who embodies Jenna’s qualities of intelligence, kindness, compassion and humility. Jenna was a graduate of St. John’s College of Nursing where she was the president of her class and a member of Sigma Theta Tau.


Jill K. Buffington, ‘16

Family and friends established this scholarship in loving memory of Jill. Jill was a student at St. John’s College of Nursing when she passed away unexpectedly in September 2016, just three months before graduation. This scholarship is for a student who is in good standing who exemplifies Jill’s love for learning, her academic talent, her kind spirit and her warm and friendly personality.


Larry and Casey Schumacher

This scholarship is awarded to a St. John’s College student in good standing. Larry is a registered nurse and now serves as a senior-level hospital administrator and Casey, also a registered nurse, is a former faculty member at St. John’s College. They now reside in Tennessee.


Marcella and Ambrose Gatton

Established for qualified students from Pawnee, Springfield, and surrounding areas, this scholarship recognizes Mary Lou Catteau, a friend and a school secretary for 50 years.


Marjorie Beyers, PhD., R.N., ‘57

This scholarship was created by faculty, staff and friends of St. John’s College and St. John’s Hospital to honor the achievements and service of Marjorie Beyers, a 1957 alumna who served as interim chancellor during the 2009-2010 academic year. The scholarship benefits nursing students and faculty.


Mary Francis “Fran” Schwartz, R.N., ‘57

Established in loving memory by the late Frank “Beaver” Schwartz, and family and friends, this scholarship is awarded to a nursing student who personifies Fran’s qualities of compassion and kindness. Fran served as the first head nurse in the recovery room at St. John’s Hospital. She was effortlessly classy and could always light up a room. Left to cherish the memory of their parents are five grown children and their loving grandchildren. Preference will be given to a single parent nursing student.


Med-Sense Guaranteed Association

Med-Sense Guaranteed Association awards five, current-use nursing scholarships to be awarded to senior students in good academic standing who demonstrate financial need. The scholarships are to cover tuition and fees.


Mercedes Hoag

Two brothers and a sister established this scholarship to support a Roman Catholic nursing education program. Their generosity enables students to complete their nursing education and to enter the field of nursing where they will make immeasurable contributions.


Millie and Norbert Esker

The Esker family carries its own legend at St. John’s College by graduating many family members. Given in loving memory of their parents, Millie and Norbert, five children are now nurses who have impacted thousands of lives throughout their nursing careers.


Monica (Jordan) Borgognoni, R.N., ‘57

In loving memory of Sheri’s mother, Monica (Jordan) Borognoni, Jeff and Sheri Stauffer established this scholarship endowment that honors a faith-filled individual who always had a positive outlook on life, her patients and her career. The scholarship is awarded annually to a student from Montgomery or Sangamon County.


Muriel (Dahmm) Barnard, R.N., ‘77

John Barnard established this endowed scholarship in memory of his wife, Muriel, class of 1977. Muriel worked in the intermediate care unit (IMC) at St. John’s Hospital where she was always willing to mentor and teach student nurses. She continued her passion for teaching when she left St. John’s and started working at Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital. Throughout her career, she was steadfast in passing along her nursing knowledge to others. Sharing her knowledge so others could improve care to patients continued up to her final hospitalization. This scholarship was created to support a nursing student who values lifelong learning and the role of teaching in nursing. Preference is given to students from Logan County. Muriel’s sister, Vivian, also graduated from St. John’s College in 1980.


Odd Fellows Lodge

Created in the 17th century in England, the Odd Fellows is an organization that helps people in need. Projects pursued by this organization benefit all of mankind. The name Odd Fellows is said to derive from the idea that in the 17th century it was thought that individuals who would donate their time and money to these causes were “odd.”


Ray and Irene Steinheimer

This scholarship was created by Ray and Irene Steinheimer and supports students who are pursuing their nursing education.


Roberta Broyles, R.N., ‘40

The scholarship was established with an estate gift from the late Shirley May Neill, R.N. This scholarship honors Roberta’s service as an army corps nurse, an operating room nurse and nurse anesthetist in England during World War II. Later, Roberta served in Korea at the 121st Evacuation Hospital and continued her nursing practice career in California. Roberta passed away in 1991.


Roy Warren and Mona Irwin Sharp, R.N., ’33, and Dr. James and Rosa Irwin

This scholarship was established by the late Sylvia Sharp in memory of her parents and grandparents who dedicated their lives to the health professions. Her parents were Roy Warren Sharp and Mona Irwin Sharp. Mona was a 1933 graduate of St. John’s School of Nursing. Her grandparents were James Irwin, a St. John’s Hospital physician, and Rosa Irwin, his wife. All led exemplary lives in helping others. Their legacy is carried on in this scholarship granted to senior students at the college.


Samaritans of St. John’s Hospital

The Samaritans is an organization of volunteers who serve St. John’s Hospital, its patients and staff. Not only do the Samaritans provide service, they also provide financial support for both the hospital and the college. Many nursing students have benefited from the Samaritans’ support for many years.


Scrubs, Shoes and Stethoscopes

This current use scholarship was a faculty-led initiative established to help St. John’s College of Nursing students purchase their shoes, scrubs and stethoscopes. Faculty members and alumni are invited to contribute to this fund.


Sherrie Hendershott Grisham, R.N., ‘67

This scholarship is given in honor of Sherrie Hendershott Grisham by her husband, Ben. The couple resides in Florida and Springfield. The scholarship is for a St. John’s College student in good standing. Preference will be given to a student from Logan County (Illinois).


Sister Charitas Prince, OSF, R.N., ‘32

This scholarship was established through gifts from alumni and friends to honor Sister Charitas on her many achievements. Sister Charitas was the first recipient of the St. John’s College Distinguished Alumni Award. Today, this scholarship continues to honor her memory and legacy.


Sister M. Magdalene Wiedlocher, OSF, R.N.

Sister Magdalene Wiedlocher was the director of St. John’s Training School, now St. John’s College of Nursing, from 1912-1933. “In 1908, when she was working as a nurse at St. John’s Hospital, Sister M. Magdalene Wiedlocher encouraged the patients to go to bed, but a number refused because they claimed that there would be terrible happenings. Soon, about a dozen men were brought into the emergency department of St. John’s Hospital for treatment of gun wounds — the race riots had begun.

When one of the worst anti-black race riots in American history began in Springfield, Ill., the Hospital Sisters of St. Francis and St. John’s Hospital, offered refuge from the violence and cared for the injured, blacks alongside of whites.” - from the Archives of Hospital Sisters of St. Francis

To honor Sister Magdalene’s commitment to diversity, HSHS St. John’s Foundation and St. John’s College of Nursing established two scholarships for students from diverse backgrounds who are pursuing their bachelor’s degrees in nursing at St. John’s College. The purpose of this scholarship is to prepare the student body to professionally and compassionately engage in the increasingly diverse health care marketplace by fostering a diverse student body on campus.


St. John’s College Alumni Association

In conjunction with HSHS St. John’s Foundation, Alumni Class Agents send personalized appeal letters to their fellow classmates asking them to make annual contributions to benefit the scholarship program and other college initatives. Contributions go to work immediately to provide students scholarships. Some scholarships are awarded to Legacy students whose relatives graduated from St. John’s College or St. John’s School of Nursing. Recognizing that the legacy of the College embraces families, communities and networks, this scholarship continues the long-standing tradition of excellence in nursing education.


St. John’s College Board

Annually, members of St. John’s College Board of Directors are invited to contribute to this scholarship which was established under the direction of the board chair, Aggie Hayner. Aggie gave the first contribution to this fund in 2014. Aggie Hayner passed away in 2019.


Suzanne Goleman Havey, R.N., ‘85

Family and friends of Suzanne Havey created this scholarship in her memory. Suzanne passed away unexpectedly at the age of 45 leaving behind two daughters, a son, and her husband.


Teresa Mueller, R.N., ‘88

Teresa Mueller Memorial Scholarship is given by The Honorable Matthew and Kristina Maurer (McCarthy, class of 1988). Teresa and Kris were friends and classmates while enrolled at St. John’s School of Nursing. Teresa was an accomplished nurse who lived life to its fullest. She was dedicated to her family and friends. Teresa is an inspiration and exemplifies the best in nursing and humanity.


The Blanche Martyn Barnes Book Award

The Blanche Martyn Barnes book award was established by Ed and Sue Mahoney in loving memory of Sue’s grandmother. This book award supports a single parent junior or senior with first preference given to the senior with the highest GPA based on their junior year GPA at St. John’s College. The second preference is for a junior student with the highest GPA.


The Honorable Matthew and Kristina McCarthy Maurer, R.N., ‘88

This scholarship was awarded last spring to a St. John’s College of Nursing student who was employed in the neurology department at St. John’s Hospital. The student recipient graduated in May and is now employed at St. John’s.


Theresa J. Vann, R.N., ’49

Theresa worked as a nurse in the maternity department at St. John’s Hospital from 1949-1967 and taught at St. John’s College of Nursing from 1967-2002, where she retired as assistant professor. Theresa Vann’s legacy continues through her former students and friends on the faculty of St. John’s College of Nursing. Annually, a scholarship will be awarded to a senior or a returning student who is pursuing a higher degree. The student’s character will honor Mrs. Vann’s legacy of leadership within their peer community, compassion for patients and one who cares deeply about social justice and equality.

Additionally, a scholarship will be awarded annually to a faculty member who is returning to college for an advanced degree at a college of their choosing. A qualifying faculty member must be recommended by a teacher or colleague. The recipient will be chosen by the faculty and chancellor based on his/her qualifications of leadership, compassion and dedication.


Wilma Sturgeon, R.N., ‘42

The Pathway to Success Scholarship (P2S) Community Benefit Scholarship was established from the estate of
Wilma Sturgeon to identify academically talented students to serve as peer tutors. The role of the peer tutor is to help struggling students achieve academic success and help the college to retain its students. Peer tutors also benefit by reinforcing their education by helping teach concepts and approaches to health care to other students.