Hands-on Nursing Experience

SJC’s mobile simulation unit on GU’s campus is equipped with computerized, programmable manikins that simulate a broad range of health conditions. Students and faculty review recorded interactions of the students “caring” for the manikins to learn what you did well and where you might improve.

Nursing Job Placement

The connection between GU, SJC, and HSHS Holy Family Hospital and the HSHS network creates virtually guaranteed placement and unending opportunity. The average BSN nurse salary in the state of Illinois is $85,230, with an hourly wage of $40.98.

The Best Nursing School Experience

At GU, pursue your nursing degree and get the rewards of classroom learning, a vibrant campus life, and activities with your friends. Experienced educators will mentor, inspire, and guide you in pre-nursing curriculum that gets you to nursing school and helps you succeed once you're there. The professional staff at SJC take over in year 3 and lead you to complete your nursing education while right on campus at GU.